Computer Vision: Can You Teach a Machine To See?

Posted on Fri 22 March 2019 in Posts

A little overview of what I talked about at CUNY CSI Science Day.

During the Science Day at the CUNY College of Staten Island, I presented a gentle introduction to area of computer vision with fun examples and research results to visiting middle and high school students.

It was a very interesting experience given the target audience without any experience (or, at least, presumably) in the subject. I aimed at being user friendly by showing some of the most ground-breaking online projects.

My favorite part of the talk was when we played a little game of "Do you know who this person is?" with fake images from GANs. The reactions were priceless and the interest unmistakably there.

I finished the talk with a bit of a diversion for those who might be interested in trying stuff on their own: Kaggle, FastAI, and Python (which quite a lot of them are already familiar with!) were all mentioned as something to try out.