Computer Vision: Can You Teach a Machine To See?

Posted on Fri 22 March 2019 in Posts • Tagged with education, talks

A little overview of what I talked about at CUNY CSI Science Day.

During the Science Day at the CUNY College of Staten Island, I presented a gentle introduction to area of computer vision with fun examples and research results to visiting middle and high school students.

It was a …

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Harmonic networks: implementation of paper results

Posted on Sun 10 March 2019 in Posts • Tagged with deep learning, computer vision, work in progress

I implement an interesting result from a recent paper on convolutional neural networks.


In this post I will briefly discuss my implementation of a model introduced in this paper.

In short, the authors suggest using predefined filters in a convolutional network based on Discrete Cosine Transform.

I used PyTorch …

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Image Quality Measure

Posted on Thu 13 December 2018 in Posts • Tagged with image enhancement, image quality

A simple function that can be used to justify image quality and control enhancement.


One difficult thing about image enhancement is to actually measure the level of image quality which is quite a subjective task. On the one hand, each individual can perceive the image quality according to their …

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A surprising way sigmoid function is applied in computer vision

Posted on Fri 30 November 2018 in Posts • Tagged with image enhancement

Let's talk about all things image enhancement, what it is, why it is necessary and how do wavelets play a big part in it!


Enhancement of images is an important preprocessing step in any image related system. Getting rid of noise, brightening, extraction of details - all of this helps …

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