Simulating Textbook Probability Problems in Julia

Posted on Mon 07 February 2022 in Posts • Tagged with Julia, Probability, Simulation


I am fascinated by the concept of Monte-Carlo simulation: you can, in principle, simulate random events and see how these simulations differ from reality (on a small scale, at least!)

Here I would like to show a couple of simple probability theory textbook problems and my attempt at simulating …

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Installing Julia

Posted on Sun 06 February 2022 in Posts • Tagged with Julia


In this quick tutorial, I will share how to install Julia language on a Mac computer, setup symlinks to run it from command line and then will go through a couple of problems in probability and their Julia language simulations.

Installing Julia on macos

We are going to install …

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Parameter identifiability in Julia

Posted on Mon 06 December 2021 in Posts • Tagged with Julia, Parameter Identifiability

In this post I will present a tutorial on a Julia package called StructuralIdentifiability.jl which I help maintain and contribute to. In the next post I will present a similar introduction to another package I help develop called SIAN.jl, but that's for another time.

This tutorial will be …

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Google Summer of Code: Final Results

Posted on Tue 17 August 2021 in Posts • Tagged with Julia, GSoC

GitHub release GitHub stars

Over the course of the summer, my work resulted in successfully ported code of StructuralIdentifiability.jl, a package that can help researchers who use ordinary differential equations in their work. The package allows answering queries about individual identifiability of parameters and their combinations.

The StructuralIdentifiability.jl package is ready to …

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First Month In GSoC

Posted on Sun 25 July 2021 in Posts • Tagged with Julia, GSoC

Project Updates

We slightly churned our project idea from the original algorithm implementation into an inclusion of a StructuralIdentifiability.jl package develop by my colleague Gleb Pogudin. The package is currently part of SciML with more updates to come!

Here is a list of things it can do:

  • check local …

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My Google Summer of Code Project

Posted on Tue 08 June 2021 in Posts • Tagged with Julia, GSOC

About The Project

Problem Formulation

The problem of parameter identifiability is one of the most crucial issues arising in systems biology. To take a look at a problem of identifiability, we must first describe a setting in which it arises. Systems biology deals with biological processes that are described by …

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