List of Software

Here is a list of programs I maintain, develop, and/or contribute to:

  • I work on a Google Summer of Code project for SciML, contributing identifiability algorithm to the toolkit. We recently ported StructuralIdentifiability.jl which I help maintain.
  • I develop and maintain Structural Identifiability Toolbox which is an online tool for assessing parameter identifiability.
  • I maintain SIAN-Julia, see dev fork here.
  • I contributed to Symbolics.jl
  • As a personal project, I wrote a numpy deep learning library in the style of PyTorch: numpy-learn
  • I wrote a cli tool for gitignore file creation gitignore-create. Install it via pip install gitignore-create and run gitignore-create -n <your file type here> to get started!
  • I am also a fan of Kaggle competitions for machine learning (especially love them when there is enough time for them!).

For a list of our parameter identifiability software with links to source code, see here